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We have a lot of exciting opportunities for our students to develop their Mathematics skills. We understand that students learn in lots of different ways and we aim to give everybody an option that works for them. Some of the options that we are offer are explained below.

Quicksmart Mathematics

The Quicksmart program is designed to help children learn the basic operations of Mathematics: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The students engage in fun activities which aim to make them faster and smarter in the way they work. The program has been growing and growing with more students experiencing success every year.

Curtin Volunteers

The Curtin Volunteers have been helping out in junior Mathematics classrooms every Tuesday. They have been a great help. Here is what some of our staff and students have to say:

“I look forward to the Volunteers coming in every Tuesday. Our students need and enjoy the individualised attention. It makes my job as a classroom teacher much easier, I notice a positive change in the atmosphere and behaviours in the class when the Volunteers are here. ” – Marie, Classroom Teacher

“They’re deadly! They should come in every day” – Ben, Year 9

“It’s two way learning! It’s great for our guys and for that lot too. ” – Gordon, Aboriginal Teachers Assistant

We have also introduced a year 7-10 Whole School Numeracy program for 2017.

Chris Reddy, Head of Numeracy.

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