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Outdoor Education

The focus of Outdoor Education is experiencing the outdoors. It encourages students to engage in outdoor activities. An experiential approach is encouraged, to discover what being active in the environment is all about. Outdoor activities are introduced where basic technical skills are developed and improved and appropriate practices are applied to ensure safe participation. Students are introduced to basic Outdoor Education practical skills such as roping and navigation. Self-awareness is developed, personal skills, interpersonal and leadership skills are introduced. An understanding is developed of the environments students interact with, our impact upon it; and ways to minimise this impact and local management practices. They are invited to acknowledge their relationship with nature. Students have the opportunity to apply these concepts through activities such as fishing, rock climbing, mountain biking, snorkelling and ultimately a day excursion.

The courses we are offering in 2017 are GTOED for Year 12 students and G1OED & G2OED for the Year 11 students. Furthermore, we offer an introductory Outdoor Education course for our Junior School.

Rob Thomson, (Head of Health & Physical Education).

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