Clontarf Aboriginal College

Key Personnel


College Leadership


Mrs Frances Haji-Ali

Deputy Principal, Teaching & Learning

Mrs Jennie Morley

Deputy Principal, Operations & Boarding

Mr Salvatore De Luca

Aboriginal Liaison Officer

Ms Gill Hill

Head of Religious Education & Campus Ministry

Mr Scott Connery

Year 7/8 and Waterford Maali House Coordinator

Mr Peter Fatupaito

Year 9/10 and Westcourt Yonga House Coordinator

Ms Chloe Cook

Year 11/12 and Sion Yelka House Coordinator

Mr Dean Campbell


College Administration Staff

Business & Finance Manager

Mrs Pam Hodges

Principal’s Personal Assistant & Enrolment Officer

Ms Trudy Holmes


Ms Michelle James

Finance Officer

Miss Kanela Preest

Attendance Officer

Miss Kanela Preest

IT Technician

Mr Calvin Khoo


Teaching Staff

Head of Physical Education

Mr Robert Thomson

Head of English

Ms Darri Stewart

Head of Mathematics

Mr Sam Parker

Literacy Coordinator

Mrs Maria Valli

Vocational Education & Training Coordinator

Mr Aaron Semmens

Workplace Learning Teacher

Mrs Pippa Bryan

Trade Training Teacher

Mr Bruce Collett

Music Teacher

Mr Damien Dimasi

Science Teacher

Mr Christopher Lee

Outdoor Education Teacher

Mr Aaron Semmens


Non-Teaching Staff

Aboriginal Teacher Assistant

Mrs Marika Councillor

Aboriginal Teacher Assistant

Mr Billy-Jo Shoveller

Aboriginal Teacher Assistant

Mr Shaquille Morton

Aboriginal Teacher Assistant

Ms Jaymea Riley

Aboriginal Teacher Assistant

Miss Shaylee Jarmyn

School Nurse

Mrs Robby Lane-Naglewicz

Head of Maintenance

Mr Peter Hodges

Grounds person

Mr Chris Narkle


Pastoral Care Team Staff

School Counsellor

Ms Terri Golding

Youth Counsellor

Mr Zane Wayman

Social Worker

Ms Vanya Franklyn


Ngulla Mia Boarding Staff

Boarding Manager

Mr Adam Wallis

Boarding Manager

Mr Jason Sheard

Boarding Manager

Ms Loretta Hill

Administration Assistant

Mrs Loretta Moody


Catering Team Staff

Cater Care

Mr Josh Burns

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