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In the spirit of Blessed Edmund Rice, the patron of the College, as well as the elders, we welcome you to Ngulla Mia Boarding House. Ngulla Mia Boarding House is truly unique in that it is the only co-educational, Catholic, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Boarding House in all of Australia. The aim of the Boarding House is to provide Year 7 to 12 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from all around Australia a safe, caring and loving home away from their own home, reflecting the warm hospitality and kindness of Jesus Christ and Aboriginal people everywhere.

The wonderful Boarding House facility as well as the beautiful Clontarf Aboriginal College campus is the perfect setting for the students to learn and grow as strong, deadly young men and women. The dedicated Boarding staff together with the Pastoral Care team support the students through the many challenges and successes that Boarding presents. With the support of parents, families and carers the staff provide students with ongoing ‘Learning for Life’ opportunities in the faith, spirituality, academic, physical, pastoral, social and emotional areas. There are simple rules and expectations for all students at Ngulla Mia to follow, outlined in this handbook. Just like at home, students are expected to show respect for one another and for the property to ensure that all students have a positive experience, this is reflected in the Code of Conduct-created by the students. With the guidance of the staff, students are able to learn the routines and responsibilities and ensure the smooth running of the Boarding House

Communication from home is very important to enable us to support your child as best as possible. Parents, families and carers are encouraged to visit as often as possible, though if this is not possible then regularly phone, email or contact the Boarding House. We are available to discuss any concerns or issues as well as celebrate the many successes. If you are concerned about your child’s happiness, progress, or general wellbeing, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the issues with you and alleviate your concerns.

At Ngulla Mia we strive to uphold the College’s values of Community, Pride, Respect and Responsibility in all that we do. The boarding students are actively supported to become the best individuals they can be. We look forward to nurturing your child through their boarding experience and with your ongoing support to help them get the most out of their time with us.

Please peruse the Ngulla Mia Boarding House Student and Family Handbook for further information about our wonderful Boarding House.

Frances Haji-Ali

Salvatore De Luca
Deputy Principal, Boarding and Campus Ministry

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